February 19, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan "She Annoys Me Greatly" Review

That Survivor theme song. Can't you just hear it? It gives me the chills. And this week, before that horn signifying the beginning of another great episode sounded, two things were obvious. 

First, Malcolm, who was on the losing-est team in all Survivor history, was not going to lose this time. Well, lose anything but his swim trunks. He fought harder in that first reward challenge than anyone else. Maybe it was because he came so close to making it to the end last season. Or maybe it was because he's the least far removed from the game, having been on the most recent season. 

Second, Phillip has got to go, but he'll be around for awhile. Phillip is in the line of Boston Rob Survivor contestants. In other words, a strong, powerful player who you might only get one chance to vote off. Yet, when that chance comes around, these threats somehow get by with their torches still lit. By the end of the episode, with not a vote cast for the guy who so unconvincingly claims to have buried the hatchet, it was clear that we'll have to deal with Phillip for awhile. 

Then there's this guy:
Source: cbs.com

Cochran - Oh, John Cochran. I don't care how sunburnt you are, you're adorable. Overall this week, I was rooting for the Fans over the Favorites, but I think I'll always been rooting for Cochran.

As much as I love this show for the competition and sociological intrigue, the B-roll nature footage alone almost makes it worth watching. Who else thought that sea turtle was the most gorgeous thing you'd ever seen?

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