February 6, 2013

Roger Rees steals the show and Sue Heck once again steals my heart.

The Middle has never been short on great guest stars. There was Brooke Shields as the troublesome neighbor, Ray Romano as Frankie's old boyfriend, and Whoopi Goldberg as Sue's guidance counselor. Tonight, Roger Rees played "Mr. Glover," Sue's less than encouraging science teacher. I remember Rees as the illustrious Lord John Marbury on The West Wing. And on The Middle, he shined and in my opinion, stole the show. His delivery was flawless. His comedic timing perfect. That was a casting win for sure. 

But it was Sue (Eden Sher) who stole my heart. Not in her hilarious failed attempts to prove that smiles are contagious, but in her ever-present, persistent optimism. Optimism which eventually won her a smile  from Mr. Glover. 

Who wouldn't smile back at that grin?
Source: abc.com

What did you think of tonight's episode, "The Smile?" What did you think of the overt product placement for Red Lobster? It would have bothered me if I didn't love their biscuits so much. It probably didn't hurt that I also happened to be hungry while I watched.

The Middle keeps getting better and better. If you aren't watching yet, start now. 

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  1. The Middle is my mother's favorite show on TV. Sue is obviously her favorite character. Every Sunday I'm treated to a 10 minute recap of the episode. Sometimes if it's really good, we get a recap and a replay on the DVR. I like that you watch this show.