April 22, 2015

Survivor: "Bring the Popcorn"

Ok, I'm breaking my silence on Survivor (I haven't written about the show since this happened) because after tonight's episode I have to say: What. The....?

Shirin - keep standing tall.
Source: cbs.com
Let's start at the beginning. No, actually, let's start at the end. Shirin cast her vote for Jenn? Why? I mean, I get why. Shirin desperately wants to be there, and Jenn, well, Jenn just doesn't really care.

And speaking of Shirin - if you had told me back when she and Max were colonizing a new nudist colony that she would be the one I'd be rooting for when there were eight contestants still in the game? I'd never have believed you. And yet, that's where we are. This season, things can turn on a dime. Seriously, did any of us think this would happen? We have ourselves a season of Survivor wherein I cannot guess from one episode to the next who will redeem themselves or who will absolutely lose all credibility and any shred of respect.

Yes, I had to write this tonight because I think tonight's episode of Survivor might be the most societally important episode since this happened. Again, I'm in shock. Weeks ago, when I was complaining on twitter about the chauvinistic Blue tribe guys, I had no idea how mild their stereotypical comments would seem in comparison to the verbal assault Shirin withstood during tonight's episode. This show can depict anyone at their absolute worst. It can bring that out in the people who choose to play the game. I can only hope Will regrets his unsportsmanlike, unacceptable, absolutely un-Christian personal attack on Shirin. I don't even know how to react to that. It hurts. There was something "ugly" in tonight's episode: Will's words.

Shirin's reaction to all this showed strength. Everyone else's showed... well, not strength. It's hard to believe that Mike was the only one who came to Shirin's defense. (Even though he didn't admit to starting the rumor - about Will hiding food - that began the attack.) And the rest of them just stood there? Was it the bystander effect? Self-protection? Basic greed for the million dollars that Will might vote for them to win? Whatever the reason, they stood there.

Doing nothing.

Jeff said that this was a group of people who would stop at nothing to win this game. But nothing is all I saw.

Back when they were happy.
Source: cbs.com
I don't know. I don't know if I should launch into a diatribe about the human condition or fall back on the old favorite line - it's a game. After what we saw tonight, is it a game you'd want to play?