February 3, 2013


I'm a young professional whose day job has nothing to do with television or media of any kind. But I'm a fan - a big fan - of television. I didn't grow up with cable, and I don't have cable now. But network  tv is enough for me. And so I've decided to tell you why.

As this is my pilot post, I'll tell you a few things you'll need to know about this blog.

I don't have cable. Or satellite or fiber-optic TV. I'll only be reviewing shows on network television. That is to say, broadcast television. The kind of television I get through my rabbit ear antenna. Mostly current shows, but I might choose to write some things about shows no longer on the air. 

There will be spoilers. If you are a Hulu watcher or haven't yet seen the episode I'm reviewing, ALERT. 

There won't be too much exposition. It's not my goal to summarize the shows I watch. I just want to tell you what I think of them! 

I'm a beginner. I'm no professional blogger, and I'll be learning the ropes as I write this. 

No one is paying me. So when I say I love a show, or link to a network's website or youtube channel or Pinterest page, it's because I actually love that show.

I welcome your comments! Let me know what you think of the shows I like and dislike. Just keep it civil and clean. 

I think TV can be great. And I don't think that the small screen is any less awesome as a medium than the movies. 

So let's watch TV!

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