May 9, 2013

Survivor: "Don't Say Anything About My Mom" Review

First of all, everybody take a deep breath. Ok, now wipe away the sympathy tears for Brenda. Now remember that this is a game. Ok.
Let's take a look at the three who wrote Brenda's name down, forcing that sweet, honest, genuine girl out of the game. What did we learn about each of them?

The most important thing we learned about Sherri is that she's a big fat liar - and good at it. I don't think she could have sounded more sincere when she assured Jeff there was no way they could vote out Brenda after what she sacrificed for them at the reward challenge. Gotta say, I kind of wish we'd seen that manipulative side of her all along. But then again, the cards were stacked against the fans from the start, so maybe she didn't get the chance for long-term snake strategy.

Dawn is no longer playing to win this game. She said it herself, she let Cochran control her game in South Pacific, and she's doing it again. In a final three with Erik and Brenda, Dawn would have had a good chance at winning. Up against Cochran, I don't think she'll have a shot at all. Dawn will get all the blame for this blindside, but Cochran will get all the credit.

Cochran is a strategic genius. I mean, he's a mastermind. He's the one putting the Brenda blindside plan in place, but lets both Sherri and Dawn articulate the plan themselves. Making other people think the plan is theirs is Survivor 101. But since Cochran basically has a PhD in this game, I'm not the least bit surprised. This was, without a doubt, the best strategic move he could have made. Brenda would have been gunning for him next. He just bought his ticket to the final three.

I'm still calling this game for Cochran. Unless, and this is important, unless Eddie makes it to the end. He's got two bromigos in his corner, and if he can pull out an immunity win before this season's over, he just might gain enough respect from the rest of the jury to take home the million dollar prize.

But for all we know, Cochran could be the next one out! If there's one thing we've learned from Survivor: Caramoan, it's that anything can happen! That's why the fans are still watching, 26 ridiculous seasons later.

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