May 14, 2013

How I Met Your Mother: "Something New" Review

If you take a look at Cristin Milioti's IMDb page, you'll find that though her resume isn't very long, it is impressive. She had a recurring role on The Sopranos, a part in the indie flick Sleepwalk With Me, and a cameo on 30 Rock that you probably remember. (She played the floozy nemesis of Liz Lemon, Abby Flynn, in the acclaimed episode "TGS Hates Women.") She also received a Tony nomination for her performance in the musical Once. Now she will add one more impressive role to that list: the title character in  How I Met Your Mother.

Some of you out there in internetland are skeptical that the reveal - eight years in the making - actually happened, but, the HIMYM Facebook page, and other sources are conclusive. Thank goodness for that. If they cried wolf one more time, I was going to give up on this show for good. 

Though the audience met the mother, Ted hasn't yet, and he spent this week's episode, "Something New," feeling pretty miserable. We learn that he's still in love with Robin (no kidding) and is preparing to leave New York to deal with those feelings. Lily's consolation was that the one for Ted is just around the corner. I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand, I reject the idea that a person can't romantically move on until they've met someone new. On the other hand, I recognize that this can be a reality for many people, and that makes Ted and Robin's story relatable.

I was disappointed that "Something New" didn't bookend this season by ending the conversation Robin and Ted began in the episode "Farhampton" as she stood in her wedding gown moments before walking down the aisle. I suppose that's where we'll pick up next season. And that's when we'll find out if Robin and Barney actually tie the knot. Now, this may be controversial, but here are two reasons why I'm hoping they don't:

1. We haven't seen the Barney who fell in love with Robin in a very long time.
The other day, I caught the end of a rerun of "Tick Tick Tick," the tenth episode of season seven. It's the one where Robin doesn't break up with Kevin, leaving a heartbroken Barney to brush rose petals off of her bed. This question, above all else, pervaded my thoughts: Where's that guy?!? The sensitive, lovesick, guy who had grown up and grown as a character. In season eight, Barney has regressed horrifically; The bachelor party episode was the nadir of this character backslide. If the Barney we've seen in the past 15 or so episodes is the Barney HIMYM's writers are giving us from now on, he needs to stay the heck away from love and marriage.

2. If Robin is single, I'll believe beyond a doubt that Ted is truly in love with someone new.
If he only moves on once she's off the market, I don't buy that it's true love. The girl with the yellow umbrella will be nothing more than the one he settles for when "the one" gets away. 

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