July 7, 2013

Under the Dome: "The Fire" Review

Summer television series are to regular season shows what B movies are to, well, actual movies. That hasn't stopped Under the Dome - the B series of the summer - from becoming a hit. Variety reported that the show is the "most watched new summer drama...in 20 years."

In my last post about the show,  I pointed out the crime, corruption, and psychosis that are already in the Chester's Mill fishbowl. Monday night's episode added chaos. Makes sense. You put a group of people in an inescapable situation, and tempers will rise. Fear will take hold.
Deputy Linda: "When people are scared they start acting stupid."
Other Cop: "You'd have to be stupid not to be scared."
Classic signs of this ensuing chaos include the crumbling of trustworthy pillars of the community. When men of the cloth and police officers lose it, you know you're in trouble. Then those same men start a fire.  (In an attempt to cover up their own corruption, no less.)

Source: cbs.com

The Lost parallels continued in this episode as Barbie, in true Jack Shephard style, became the reluctant hero leader, putting out the fire with an old-timey bucket brigade. And if you still don't see the Lost rip-offs, try imagining that Michael Giacchino's ominous strings are playing.

So that's it. Chaos, fear, fire, and at least two more casualties in this episode. I'm not sure any of these characters are going to get out alive. Oh, and Angie's still trapped in the fallout shelter. My money's on her staying there for the duration of the series. Creepiest Couple on TV award goes to Junior and Angie for sure.

Thing is, this is still a summer series. A B series. Unlike in Lost, the acting in Under the Dome is mostly sub-par. (Not that the actors aren't doing their best with the dialogue they have to work with.) Mike Vogel's acting is the notable exception. He is hands-down the most believable of the Dome-ies. And Alexander Koch is a close second. His sinister smile sends a chill down my spine.

I'll keep watching Under the Dome, but not because it's exceptional TV. It's B television for sure. But it's the summertime, and there's not much else on. Plus, B television can be fun, especially when everyone's watching it. Under the Dome doesn't have to be great TV as long as it makes for a great conversation on Tuesday morning.

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