April 25, 2013

Survivor: "Come Over to the Dark Side" Review

Survivor: Caramoan has had more surprising, unconventional, and record setting tribal councils than any other season, at least that I can recall. And I love it! It's made for a fascinating, sometimes upsetting, definitely classic season.

Last night's episode was both "delicious" and heartbreaking. Malcolm and Cochran were each my favorite player of their respective first seasons, which made it thrilling to watch them go head to head this season. They are two very strategic players with otherwise very opposite skills. These two (not Sherri) were clearly in control of the game, and it makes sense that they had one another in their sights. With Malcolm gone, so is Cochran's greatest strategic adversary. And there aren't many left on the island who realize just how pretty Cochran is sitting.

If you could declare a winner at the food auction, it was Cochran. Not only did he get an advantage in the immunity challenge, but a picture perfect peanut butter moment that caught even Jeff off-guard.
Source: facebook.com/survivor
Plus, Cochran had that precious emotional moment reading his letter from home. How cute was that? (I'm totally crushing.) Malcolm, on the other hand, got nothing but beer and nuts. But his mistake wasn't not finding the idol he paid for, his mistake was thinking he himself (and his bros) wouldn't need that immunity challenge advantage. But that was his second mistake in this game. His first was leaving "Stealth-R-Us." But I can't blame him for that. Besides, I think we're all grateful. Last week's tribal council will go down in Survivor history. Malcolm can be proud of a game well-played.

Cochran's getting a bit cocky himself, though. Since the title of this episode pays homage to one of my favorite movies, it's appropriate that this is what came to mind when Cochran declared himself a challenge beast:

I think I'm rooting for Cochran to win it all, and I think he just might. But in a season like this one, anything can happen! And I can't wait to see what happens next!

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